Friday, October 24, 2014

Plan The Perfect Wedding at Denver Botanic Gardens

If you really want to plan the perfect wedding at Denver Botanic Gardens or anywhere else then make sure you also take as much care into choosing great entertainment to go with your great venue and decor. You spent so much time choosing your event venue, your caterers, your wedding dress and wedding decor. Shouldn't you put that same amount of effort into choosing the right entertainment? Choose us to make the night perfect with great entertainment!

If you want to make sure your wedding reception is a great one that people remember fondly call or text me at 303-995-0875 or email me at

We've seen good weddings, great weddings and tragic weddings at Denver Botanic Gardens and other similar venues throughout Denver and the world. First let us share the tragic, bad news first right?

My assistant and I were invited as guests to a wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens rather than as the entertainment. As we were just guests we assumed they already found someone else as their entertainment, even if we were a little offended that a friend would hire someone else but as it would turn out they must have gone with an Ipod wedding trying to save money as there was music that occasionally repeated, an empty stage and an empty dancefloor all night. A tragic mistake that would lead to a very early end to an otherwise well planned out wedding.

DJ Emir Wife and Son at Denver Botanic Gardens

The wedding itself was beautifully crafted in the outdoor section of the Botanic Gardens and the reception was in a beautiful ballroom auditorium. They also happened to plan it on a Sunday when The Denver Broncos were playing so we noticed at one point a table of mostly men in the corner yelling and all sitting on one side of the table. We assumed at first it was a bunch of friends having a god time and posing for a picture but then realized they were watching the game on an Ipad tablet while people were trying to eat at the wedding reception. The game ended in overtime so it lasted extra long as well cutting even deeper into the wedding reception time. But what was more tragic was that the Broncos game would be the most excitement the wedding reception would see that particular night because the entertainment was just not there. The music dragged on and the few choice cuts were repeated too often to even make them fun for anyone.

DJ Emir's Son Emerson in The Wedding Ring Bearer Cart at Denver Botanic Gardens

It is vitally important to get great entertainment for your wedding reception and this particular ipod wedding was a clear cut example of exactly why. Guests began leaving early and the only dancing that happened the whole night was the bride and groom's first dance and a few kids that decided to dance on stage to one song, All About The Bass. By the time the Cake cutting came around half of the the 300 guests had left and the other half were also starting to pack up and leave, us amongst them.

Had our friends hired us for the event we would have made sure it went smoothly and kept the guests happy and entertained all night with our signature bend of old and new hits and mixes plus a great cocktail hour mix that is slightly lively while still jazzy enough to not be distracting during dinner time. We would have easily retained a huge portion of the 300 guests and the party would have been a great wedding reception to remember. They regretted not hiring us and admitted they just wanted to save money and in hind site realized they should have just hired us, especially since they would have gotten a discount. They were thinking since many of the guests would be Vietnamese that we would not be able to provide music to satisfy everyone and would have had to hire two sets of DJs or a DJ and a Band. But in hind site they realized we could have simply met earlier to discuss their options and would have suggested they give us a selection of good Vietnamese tracks for dinner time and a few dance ones to blend into our regular entertainment every now and then. We do afterall already have experience with Deejaying other Vietnamese weddings as well as Chinese weddings, Jewish weddings, hispanic weddings etc. We just ask any particular favorite cultural and ethnic songs be listed or added to our library a few weeks ahead of the event.

We've done a few events at the Denver Botanic Gardens a Few at Hudson Gardens, Cherry Creek Country Club and many more events at various golf courses, hotels, restaurants and locations. All of them having similar great results with guests constantly complimenting the high level of entertainment and excitement we generate at each event. I Deejayed so hard one time at the Cherry Creek Country Club that when the event was over the Grandma that had danced the whole night ended up taking a nap on the couch from having too good of a time. When I was done packing she woke from her nap and thanked me for the best wedding reception she has ever attended.

Another client that had their wedding at Denver's Botanic Gardens ended up having us DJ their wedding reception at an entirely different location, The Palazzo Verdi located in Greenwood Village / Englewood right next to Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre. The trip between the two locations was a bit much and this delayed the arrival of the Bride and Groom to a certain extent which pushed back many of the planned events but I was able to get them back on schedule quickly enough so that they could have a great wedding reception. Good thing I also happened to be their DJ and took quite a few pictures as well because later on tragedy would strike in the form of their hired photographer having a problem with a hard drive which would end in their photographer losing all their pictures for the wedding. My pictures would end up saving the day for them allowing them to at least have a great set of pictures from the wedding reception. They and their guests also thoroughly enjoyed the music selection and the great party vibe of the event and have thanked me several times for everything. We became friends and I remain friends with them to this day. I have also Deejayed a few other events for them as I became their favorite go to guy for all DJ entertainment needs.

If you want to make sure your wedding reception is a great one that people remember fondly call or text me at 303-995-0875 or email me at

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  1. Very true... You made my wedding, my sister's wedding and my cousin's wedding all enjoyably fun and exciting to be at. Thanks for the great tunes and all the dancing. They definitely should have hired you as well. - Thu