Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas And New Years Eve Weddings

Finding a great DJ for your wedding can be tough especially during the summer months when everyone is getting married every single weekend of spring and summer. Here in Colorado the winter can be unforgiving at times making it harder for your guests and vendors to make it to your wedding. But Winter weddings can also be very spectacular whether it snows or not. And finding vendors for winter time can be a little easier except for the 2 Weeks leading to Christmas and New Years. And especially if you are planning a wedding on either of those two days.

While a Christmas themed wedding in White and Red can be elegant and gorgeous it can also lead to a few problems. For One, Christmas can be tough to pull a wedding since many people have already spent most of their money on gifts for their immediate family and inner circle of friends, leaving little in their budget to add your gift or your monetary gift. Secondly many of the vendors will be booked for holiday parties, fundraisers and major store events. There may be a few less weddings but there are many other types of events to compete with during the holiday season. Take extra care to book your entertainment / DJ service early as they may become booked for Holiday parties if you wait too long and you will have to resort to secondary choices.

New Years Eve can be even more difficult to find great entertainment as Many of them will be booked out for New Year's long in advance. But a New Years Eve Wedding can also be one of the more fun weddings for you and your guests. Just be sure you get great entertainment since this party definitely has to go past midnight! This can also make your wedding a little more expensive as you will need to book out the venue staff and entertainment for a longer period of time and it is also a prime day for all of the services as well making it more expensive in general. But your Photos and the event itself will be more memorable and lets face it you know you will always remember your wedding anniversary and be sure to have fireworks on your anniversary every year as well. Make sure to hire the best photographers and entertainment that you can afford it will be worth it in the end.

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Book DJ Emir Santana Denver's Premier Nightclub DJ And Event DJ

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